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A Party in Your PJs–PAJAMACON The Ultimate Writer Fantasy

Need some adverbs taken out?

Need some adverbs taken out?

All right, Valentines Day is tomorrow. The perfect gift for the writer in your life? WANACon. Perfect gift for yourself, for the LOVE of your writing? WANACon. Last week, I detailed all the wonders of this revolutionary new conference. It’s from home. No travel. No heap of extra expenses like air fare, baggage fees, taxi rides, hotel, food, and parking. No body cavity search from the TSA. It’s affordable. It’s GLOBAL.

We have two New York Times best-selling authors, a USA Today best-selling author, award-winning and nationally best-selling authors, one of the TOP PR firms in the US, and a brilliant Intellectual Property Attorney to talk contracts. And we have hip, cool agents who understand and embrace the new publishing paradigm just waiting to hear about your novel.

WANA is here to help all writers, no matter the path you choose to take.

We even have SUPER successful indies to teach about Amazon, how to successfully self-publish, and how to make your self-published book as good if not better quality than even the big publishers.

What could be better than that, right?


WANA is all about reinventing the publishing paradigm, and what goes better with the Internet than PJs (and Monster Energy Drinks)? For those of you who sign up for Worldwide WANACon, you get a BONUS. Sunday with ME, in your jammies from 11-1 EST. I will be teaching Rise of the Machines–Human Authors in a Digital World (which is the title of my new book, btw).

We will talk about author brand, blogging and secrets to having your content go viral. There will even be a Q&A with me. Ask me anything you want to know about social media, blogging, craft or even how to genetically modify sea monkeys for the purpose of global domination.

Regular conferences are awesome, but they require a tie and slacks or makeup and Spanx. NOT PAJAMACon. It’s all about the PJs.

Yes, this is a bonus day, but the coolest part is that if you send us your jammy pictures, we will choose three winners. Surprise! Send us your Sponge Bob Jammies, your Star Wars Jammies, maybe even some irreverent Happy Bunny Jammies. We know you’re writers, so we are betting you have the best jammies out there (all PG, please). Put curlers in your hair or even show us your best bed head. Pose clutching a coffee pot with toddlers climbing your head…you know, how you normally write every day :D.

I will be teaching in jammies as well, namely because it’s always been a dream of mine :D. Other than having a REAL light saber.

PAJAMACon–the Conference full of WIN!

What’s Behind Door #1?

A 9 disc set of The Star Wars Saga on Blue Ray. Because, yes, WANA is ruled by geeks.

What’s Behind Door #2?

Gets me, The Death Star to read and critique the first ONE HUNDRED pages of your novel. If there are problems I will help you detail a plan to whip that WIP into publishing shape. Four years ago, I did this with Piper Bayard and now she has a sweet publishing deal and blurbs from no less than four NY Times Best-Selling Authors and a rave review from the Associated Press. Who knows what I might be able to do with your little gem? (Though, as a disclaimer, I’m an editor, not a magician. I will do my best ;)).

What’s Behind Door #3?

One winner will receive a YEAR of any participating WANA International class (up to Gold level) for only $10 a class (and 99% are participating). I would give the classes for FREE, but the $10 covers the technology that powers the classes. But, since most Gold level classes are $150 and above, this is a SWEET deal. You get a YEAR to learn about craft, business, law, social media, blogging, tweeting, as much as you can handle.


Again, here is where you can view the full conference schedule.

Sign up for BOTH DAYS of WANACon for a mere $125 (this includes ALL the parties and Surprise Pajama Sunday). Register HERE.

If you can only do one day? No problem! Registration is $75. Register HERE for DAY ONE or HERE for DAY TWO.

Ready to get an agent? Sign up for Agent Pitch Sessions HERE.

We hope to see you at WANACon and PAJAMACon. Seats are limited, so sign up asap. This is perhaps the ONLY V-Day gift better than chocolate and at WANACon, you will lose weight since you’ll be having so much fun, you might just forget to eat ;).

If you can’t attend WANACon, please at least help us spread the word. Since we don’t believe in traditional marketing or spam, WANA relies on genuine word of mouth. Please help spread the WANA love. Sow love and support then see what grows.


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